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New Suite of Wellbeing Workshops for Women

I have been enjoying developing a suite of workshops for Professional Women.  Some are workshops I’ve offered previously to staff at Massey University and some are brand spanking new.  They are all 4-hour workshops and will run from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Palmerston North.

I have been receiving great feedback on the model I introduced to Counsellors, Social Workers, Field Workers, Support Workers, Youth Workers and Human Resource staff in charge of company wellness from my workshop ‘Working with Clients with Anxiety’.  The model I introduced in this workshop is one that I have been developing over the past 12 years of my counselling work.  It is a very helpful model in terms of overall Wellbeing, and I’m keen to offer it more widely.  This workshop series sits on the base of this model, and is also strongly informed by a Mindfulness approach.  As such, these two broad themes will weave through all of the separate workshops within this series, so there will be some repetition of concepts, though in each workshop, the ideas are approached from a slightly different angle.

The Series includes (not necessarily in this order):

  • Brain-Savvy Self-Care for Professional Women: a slow and gentle but action-oriented approach to self-care that will help you to spend more time in your ‘perspective space’ (or ‘wise-mind’) where you can let go of what isn’t important, stay in tune with your most important values and approach your challenges more creatively and strategically.
  • The Power of Perspective: Introducing 4 powerful strategies that will enable you to access your own personal ‘perspective space’ more intentionally
  • Find Your ‘Off-Switch’ : Introducing a number of practical and effective strategies and tips to help you ‘reclaim your brain’ from worry, dwelling on difficult issues, and other unhelpful ‘mind-loops’
  • Finding Balance: Strategies for finding a Work-Life Balance that will work for you
  • Choice Points: Explore the idea of Intentionality and choosing our preferred mental states, and two powerful models that help us to do this
  • Turn Down The Heat and Save Valuable Energy: Introducing 6 powerful strategies to reduce frustration, irritation, anger and disappointment
  • Mindfulness for Personal and Professional Effectiveness: An experiential introduction to Mindfulness, both to short Mindfulness meditations and powerful ‘Everyday Mindfulness’ strategies you can use ‘on the go’
  • Mindfulness and Personal Relationships: An experiential and practical workshop on using Mindfulness practices and principles to improve your relationships – both your close personal relationships and your relationships with friends, relations, colleagues and others at work
  • Procrastination-busting: Practical strategies and tips for reducing procrastination and increasing productivity
  • Getting Great Sleep: Strategies for improving sleep quality
  • Tapping Into The Power of the Other – As social beings, we are physiologically hard-wired to benefit from tapping into and giving social support. Learn to activate this great source of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin to help you reduce stress and thrive on challenge
  • Head Spa: A chance for an end-of-year indulgence with several workshop leaders offering tips and energy ‘pick-me-ups’ pre the annual ‘Christmas madness’.

If there are particular topics you are interested in, I’d love to hear from you.  What are the problems you experience in this area, and what would you hope would be covered in a workshop on this topic?  Email me on [email protected]

I am also happy to run workshops on these topics within businesses or organisations if this is of interest to you.