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Mindfulness: Helping You Thrive In Your Veterinary Work

“I found the mindfulness course very helpful in learning and understanding a lot about myself…


“Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness course and feel I have gained a great deal from it. Being able to….


“I found this course very useful in terms of explaining and describing some of the reasons behind why we can….




“These are my thoughts 6 months later just to let you know how much I appreciated your help. BEST CPD I ever did. Although not clinical, it has helped me in so many ways to stop and think and …


“This course’s structure was clear, and its content a good mix of science and philosophy. It provided an excellent training environment in which to learn about, and practice with, important tools ….


“Learning to be more present in the moment is helping me to decrease my stress levels and focus on the now. What has surprised me in this is that I am seeing and hearing things I never have before….


Working With Clients With Anxiety, November 2017

“Some very practical tips and techniques for working with clients.  Lots of useful resources.” (Angie)

“Very helpful workshop with great hands on activities to help others and self.” (Nadine, Counsellor)

“The practical suggestions for working with anxiety were a useful addition to my toolkit as well as for taking care of myself.” (Garry, Fieldworker)

“Great to watch your interview with a client (role-play) and teaching at the whiteboard.  Clear, practical, informed information, strategies and techniques to change my practice positively.” (Shirley Jourdain, Counsellor)

“Well organised and presented material.  Easy to absorb, well paced and generous sharing of your resources and knowledge.”

“An awesome workshop, thank you.  Everything was useful.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone.”

Comments from previous course participant about the model presented in this workshop:

“… it appears to be pulling together, in an orderly and structured fashion, the “anecdotal” soup that has been floating around in my head for some years.  The clarity around stress and particularly the concept of “smart brain/dumb brain” is absolute brilliance and explains so much of what has been my working life”. (a N.Z. Veterinarian)

A comment from a lecturer who has used one of Angela’s videos with her class.  “…My colleague H…was ‘blown away’ by your presentation on stress and the mind. He’s heard some of that information from other sources, but never so well collated and exemplified. He said it should be a TED talk. He (and I) are deeply grateful for you letting us hear the talk.”

Mindfulness for Everyday Life 5-week workshop, Palmerston North, September 2017

“ (I am) more in touch with feelings – being more aware, being kind to myself.”    “(The course is) very informative and well organised!  Thank you.”

“Practical, common-sense approach, and good value”.

“ I would recommend this workshop because … (it gives) tools for living a more self-friendly life, being more compassionate to ourselves and others.”

“(By attendeing this course) you would get many techniques for implementing Mindfulness and for understanding the process of emotions and how to accept / value them”.

Find Your “Off-Switch” Workshop, September 2017

“This has been a very informative workshop with lots of resources to support the content, and many learnings.”  Mary, Counsellor

“The material and strategies Angela presented will serve myself and my clients well in the future.”  Renee Keenan, Director, Changing Horses / Changing Lives

“Gave me a sense of perspective, and tools to deal with issues in my practice.”  J.W.

Find Your “Off-Switch” Workshop, July 2017

“A motivating empowering course which helps to give you some tools to make your life what you want it to be.”  Steve, IVABS.

“This was a very useful reminder of stress-management techniques but the difference was that we got tools to implement them.  Very worthwhile.”  Miriam, web editor.

“Angela is a great mentor in Mindfulness, who helps you learn techniques to deal with issues and stresses in order to live a healthier and happier life.”  J.S.C., Administrator.

Find Your “Off-Switch” Workshop, March 2017

“(As a presenter, Angela is) open, honest willing to share personal experiences.

“Excellent.  Very down-to-earth.  Lots of comments and helpful tips.”

“Fantastic.  Friendly, positive and supportive.”