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From the ‘Overcoming Challenges to Wellbeing – One Small Step at a Time’ Series


Grow Your Self-Acceptance and Self-Esteem – One Small Step At A Time

9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.  Date to be announced

The Grand Hotel Building, cnr The Square and Church St, Palmerston North

Fee: $69   Fee covers morning tea and workbook.   Registration limited to 10

  •  Have trouble believing in yourself?
  • Feeling ‘not good enough’

This workshop will help you explore some of the things that get in the way of self-acceptance and that lead to critical self-talk as well as presenting strategies to counter these.  It also offers two potent strategies for building your self-esteem.

 This is a practical workshop, with a mix of tips that will help you to believe in yourself more, and strategies (practices) that will enable you to continue to grow your self-acceptance and self-esteem.

 Target audience:  This workshop is designed to help you if you have low self-esteem, feel ‘not good enough’, experience social anxiety or depression.

Workshop Objectives:  Participants will

  • Explore the ‘Self’ in ‘Self-Acceptance’ and ‘Self-Esteem’ – exploring the question ‘Who am I’ and identifying their most important values
  • Review the amount of energy they put into these values compared to standards and expectations of others
  • Identify the source of their self-critical voices
  • Learn strategies for managing critical self-talk
  • Recognise the impact of judgment on their lives
  • Learn strategies to manage judgments
  • Increase their awareness of unhelpful and helpful self-comparisons
  • Learn strategies to grow their self-compassion
  • Learn strategies for self-validation and improving their self-esteem

In addition, one of my objectives is to create workshops where everyone is actively involved (to the extent they wish to be – it’s also O.K. to pass on any exercises or discussions we have). We learn together, from each other in a supportive and encouraging environment.

This is a practical and experiential workshop.  You will be invited to explore your own examples and practice the skills taught as they relate to your own life.

 Click here to register.

If you cannot afford the workshop fee:

  • If it would help you to pay for the workshop in instalments e.g. $10 per week please email me to make arrangements for this.
  • If you are on a low income and would be eligible for a WINZ Disability allowance (you don’t have to already be on a WINZ benefit to receive this allowance, but it is only available for those on low incomes), and if you suffer from depression or anxiety or other mental health challenges, and if you think that lack of self-acceptance and self-esteem contributes to this, and if you think you would benefit from attending the course, plus 5 follow-up counselling sessions, email me and together we can investigate whether you would be eligible for this WINZ allowance. Please note, you do need your doctor to sign the relevant WINZ form for this to proceed.

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