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  • Unable to switch off from work-worries at the end of the day?
  • Feeling like your mind is a whirling mass of thoughts and worries?
  • Plagued by an army of ‘shoulds’ – things on your ‘to do list’ that don’t get done, projets that never get started, visiting great aunt Sally with the bad back, keeping your house and garden in order?
  • Feeling weighed down by all the things you haven’t done that you ‘should’ do, or the things you ‘shouldn’t have done’, but did?
  • Using up that valuable cognitive real-estate with ‘head trash’?

Maybe it’s time to find your ‘off switch’.  This workshop will introduce you to a number of practical and effective strategies to ‘reclaim your brain’ so you can enjoy greater calm, a clearer head, the ability to be fully present with those around you and more focussed and efficient in your daily work.

This is a practical workshop, with a mix of tips that will help you ‘turn off’ guilt and worry thoughts and strategies that will enable you to maintain the change you want to make.  For the majority of people insight and ideas are not enough to change long-standing patterns, such as worrying and guilt, so a few ‘tips’ don’t really cut it! Instead it is necessary to develop new habits and strategies.  If you have tried making changes with regard to “switching off” from worry and guilt before, this workshop may provide you with some of the ‘missing links’ to make your new ‘off-switch’ habits stick.

In this workshop you will …

–          Explore some of the factors that keep you hooked into worries and ‘shoulds’

–          Experiment with 2 potent strategies for achieving the outcomes you want once worries and guilt are not holding you back

–          Learn strategies for addressing obstacles to progress and for maintaining support as you introduce these changes into your everyday life.