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From the Wellbeing Workshops for Women series …

Find Your Off-Switch

9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.  Tuesday 19th June

Bella Vista Conference Room, 172 Fitzherbert  Avenue, Palmerston North

Fee: $89  Registration limited to 30

To register:   Click here

 Target Audience:  Women working in the health-care, legal and finance professions, teachers, managers and administrators, self-employed women, women who volunteer in management or governance roles or any women wishing to improve their resilience and wellbeing.

  • Unable to switch off from work-worries or other ‘looping thoughts’ at the end of the day?
  • Plagued by a myriad of ‘shoulds’ – things on your ‘to do list’ that don’t get done and projects that never get started?
  • Running a bunch of unhelpful scenarios through your head?
  • Using up valuable cognitive real-estate with thoughts, ideas and worries that you want to be able to let go?

Maybe it’s time to find your ‘off switch’ (or get better at using it).  This workshop will introduce you to a number of practical and effective strategies to ‘reclaim your brain’ so you can enjoy greater calm, a clearer head, the ability to be fully present with those around you, more focussed and efficient in your daily work and more able to enjoy your leisure time.

This is a practical workshop, with a mix of tips that will help you ‘turn off’ worry thoughts or an overly busy mind, and strategies that will enable you to maintain the change you want to make.  For the majority of people insight and ideas are not enough to change long-standing patterns, such as worrying and being caught up in a ‘busy-mind’ groove, so a few ‘tips’ don’t really cut it! Instead it is necessary to develop new habits and strategies.  If you have tried making changes with regard to “switching off” from worry and busy-ness before, with little success, this workshop may provide you with some of the ‘missing links’ to make your new ‘off-switch’ habits stick.  

 In this workshop you will … 

  • Explore some of the factors that keep you hooked into worries and busy-ness
  • Learn strategies for ‘unhooking’ from unhelpful thoughts and feelings
  • Learn strategies for addressing obstacles to progress and for maintaining motivation and support as you introduce these changes into your everyday life.

Objectives:  Participants will

  • Explore and identify their ‘preferred way of being’ – if they were able to let go of worries and anxiety, what would they be doing instead and how would they be ‘being’ instead
  • Identify the functions that worries have served, in order to meet that function in a more helpful way
  • Learn many helpful and practical tips for letting go of worry thoughts
  • Learn to use present moment awareness and breathing techniques as part of a ‘letting go’ strategy
  • Learn helpful practices which enable them to ‘leave work at work’
  • Learn strategies for letting go thoughts and feelings that are also helpful for those who have trouble getting to sleep.

In addition, one of my objectives is to create workshops where everyone is actively involved (to the extent they wish to be – it’s also O.K. to pass on any exercises or discussions we have). We learn together, from each other in a supportive and encouraging environment.

 This is a practical and experiential workshop.  You will be invited to explore your own examples and practice the skills taught as they relate to your own life.

 To register:   Click here